Chance Fur Change

The First Step Fur Change

What's The Project About?

Working together by informing communities about stray animals.

We are a resource that provides information on rescuing and sheltering the right way.

Our Community

Загрязнение окружающей среды

The Issue

Over 9,000 animals wander the city of Houston, specifically the Near Northside. This area receives the highest call volume of homeless animals every day.  Our local shelters, would like to save everyone, but nearly 15 percent are euthanized.

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We Can All Get Involved...

The Demographic Problem 

As the population grows larger for this community, some people are not aware of how strays could be part of the problem. The more animals that are able to reproduce, the more animals we are allowing to

1. Not have homes
2. Overpopulate
3. Spread transmitted diseases to either our own pets or one another


Why Is Volunteering Important? 

Unfortunately, not many people want to volunteer. It is understandable, maybe you’re a full- time student, or work full- time and it's your only day off. Working with animals can be tough work. Luckily, there are ways to fit this time in your schedule. One way, is to call a local shelter and ask them if they need any extra hands, grab some friends and divide the work that is asked to be done. Shelters are flexible and are willing to work in whatever is most convenient to you. Simple tasks such as walking a few dogs around the facility are needed.

The Bestest Of Friends

Coming Home

Take a look at your living situation. Do you live in an apartment or house? Are there any restrictions in your home's contract?


Not Sure?

This guy might not be for you, but there are plenty of other options. Shelters love to see devoted foster families caring for their animals just as much as they do.



You've made it. This is the big day you get to take home your furry friend. There still time to learn all you need to know about how to adopt and how to take control of the next chapters after this one.

Take a Second to Think About It...

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