Our goal is to inform communities in Houston, about the large amount of 311 calls made by the citizens who live in the Near Northside.

We would like to be a resource that gives awareness to decrease the call rates, and save as many animals as possible.

Animals Need You

Companionship is the best thing humans can encounter within there life span. Everyday an animal is taken in with hope to be cared for by their perfect companion.  NO MATTER THE CONDITION, there is someone always willing to help, whether it be human or 4 legged, we can achieve kindness and show no cruelty towards those who depend on us.

We Need Each Other

If you think that any animal is not your responsibility, then you are greatly mistaken. Everyone has his own big role in making the world a better place. WE must support each other on picking up those who have no where to run, who need safety and shelter.

3 ways you could be at help in your own community when coming in contact with a stray animal


It is important that you first, understand what the animal may be trying to communicate to you, respecting his or her boundaries if any.


Second, know that in most cases kittens and puppies are waiting on their mother to come back for them after she left to find food. If you take away her litter, there is a possibility of them not being able to develop efficiently without her.


Thirdly, before bringing in an animal to a shelter near you, always access the situation and then act.

  • If the scenario involves a serious matter such as, animal cruelty, abuse, individual bite cases, or dead animal on the road please call 3-1-1.
  • If the scenario can be taken care of on your own calmly tend to the animal as much as possible.
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